Thursday, January 9, 2014

20 + 1 Tips and Tricks for iPad & iPhone

Well, today I got to present to a wonderful crowd of teachers in sunny Cupertino, CA (way nicer than snowy Idaho!).  Before I came to California I decided to put together a list of tips/tricks for the iPad or iPhone.  These are all things that when I first got my iPad I didn't know how to do.  I learned through trial & error, Googling, my kids, and seeing other people's tips out on the web.  So here is my list of 20 +1 Tips (hey, I am a math teacher).  Because I am more of a visual person, I will be putting together a video showing you how to do all of these (after I Google it and find out how) :).  Hope you enjoy and find these useful!!  My personal favorite is the ability to lock kiddos in one app (see #12), which is your favorite?

***All of these are based off using an iPad2 with IOS7.

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