K-2nd Math Apps

My Top 10 Math apps for Kindergarten - 2nd grade

#10 Operation Math: Code Squad - This is an app for practicing getting faster with their facts.  I like the theme of this app and the fact that it is designed to have up to four children playing the game at the same time on the same iPad. $2.99

#9 Tippy Tower - This game is a lot of fun.  You have to place the pieces on top of each other to reach a certain height, but if your tower tips over you have to start again. Builds spatial reasoning in a fun way.  FREE with paid upgrades

#8 Montessori Place Value - Love this app!  It uses the Montessori Place Value Cards (which basically shows the number in expanded form).  So kids select all the pieces to make the number and then pull them together to show the standard form of the number. $2.99

#7 Subitizing Apps - Subitizing is the ability to tell how many in a set without having to count.  Children should instantly be able to recognize small quantities and all of these apps help them practice that concept.  From dominoes to dot patterns to ten frames to the rekenrek to pictures of flowers, these apps help children create a visual picture to go along with the symbol for each number.

Arithmaroo $0.99

MathGirl Number $0.99

Dominoes Addition $1.99

Subitising Flash Cards $1.99

Quick Images $0.99

Number Rack FREE

Tens Frame Snap $0.99

#6 Sums Stacker - Fun game to practice getting combinations that add up to a certain amount.  I like the use of dice so that kids who need to could count the dots to help them determine totals.  There are lots of options instead of using the dice, though. $1.99

#5 Numbers League - Not only is this app fun, but it builds some powerful math ideas.  Kids build a team of superheroes and can use the “sum” of their powers to capture villains.  $3.99

#4 Apps by Motion Math - All the apps developed by Motion Math have been wonderful.  These are three that are geared more towards K-2 (however Zoom is also for 3-5).  These apps also have paid upgrades if you want the full versions.

Hungry Guppy $3.99


Hungry Fish $1.99

#3 Apps by Classroom Focused Software - All the apps developed by Classroom Focused Software are geared to address the number sense children need to develop in the early grades.  The apps listed here are just a few of my favorites by them, but they actually have many more.

Pattern Sets $0.99

Ten Frame Fill FREE

What's Hiding $0.99

Line 'em Up FREE

Ah Chute $0.99

Word Problems $0.99

#2 Fast Facts Early Add and Fast Facts Addition - First thing to note is that there is an option at the end that you can email the very detailed report on how the child did on the activity and there is an option to just practice the “missed facts.” Second thing to note is this app uses 10 Frames starting with  subitizing and then moving into addition.  FREE but has paid upgrades

#1 Murky Reef 1st grade and 2nd grade - These two apps (1st grade & 2nd grade) have multiple concepts that they address.  You can choose which one you want the kid to work on.  You can enter multiple kids and keep track of their progress. $1.99 for each level

Other Noteworthy K-2 Apps:

Deep Sea Duel - This app is designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).  You play against the computer octopus to select cards that add to a specific total.  Great way to practice addition but also designed to build their critical thinking skills. FREE

GoCarGo - Players build a car and test it in a variety of courses.  Each level a harder test of the player’s understanding of physics. $0.99

Fetch! Lunch Rush - Fetch! gives problems that the kids have to solve, but the fun part of this app is that kids do no type in their answer.  You download a set of cards that you print off, cut up, and then place around the classroom.  The kids have to run around to find the answer to their task and point the iPad at the card (which are Augmented Reality Markers) and it will tell them if they are right or not. FREE

Math Adventures: Number Find  - This apps helps children work out the pattern of numbers by locating numbers in the number grid. FREE

Shadow Move - Great spatial reasoning app where you have to move an object to match the shadow that is shown. FREE

TallyTots - This simple app deals with numbers 1-20.  It shows the numeral, then counts up to that number, and shows a visual picture of that amount.  There is also a screen to have them practice counting up to 100. $2.99

Wishball - Fun app that tests children’s understanding of place value.  They are given a target number and then have to add or subtract to reach the target number. $0.99

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