Management Apps

Managing a classroom is full of daily challenges.  These apps can help some of your daily chores be less cumbersome and even fun.  Let the iPad not only select the next student to call on but it can also decide what your next activity can be and if the class is being too noisy.  You can also grade students using rubrics you create, keep track of attendance and send text/email messages to students and parents.

Decide Now! spinners help you decide when you have choices to make.  Get the full version for $0.99, so you can create your own for center choices.

Too Noisy monitors the noise level in the classroom.  The graphics change to reflect the noise levels.

Timer+ lets you preset multiple timers so you can set up common ones you use.  It can run in the background so you can use it while you use other apps.

PickMeBuzzer shows who buzzed in first.  You can have up to 5 children around one iPad.  They click on their button to buzz in to answer a question.

Random Name Selector is a fun way to select students instead of picking their name out of the sticks in a jar.

TeacherKit allows teachers to keep track of attendance, monitor behaviors, and keep a gradebook all in one app.

ClassDojo is a simple app to track student’s good and bad behaviors.  Creates easy to share graphs of the behaviors.

iDoceo is mainly an in-depth gradebook, but it also has a planner and ability to add in notes, images, links, and audio.

Easy Assessment helps you create rubrics and grading criteria.  You can take pictures and add notes to each student’s grades.

Remind 101 gives you a safe way to text students and/or parents without them seeing your number or you seeing theirs.

Do you use apps to help you manage your classroom?

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