Creation Apps

Creation apps give us the ability to create amazing and powerful items.  From presentations, to books, to videos, and games.  The possibilities are endless!  It has never before been so easy to be creative!  These apps are easy to use by not-so-tech savvy people, yet make you look and feel like you are.

Keynote is a presentation app.  Create presentations and then mirror them through your computer to your projector for a fun and interactive lesson.

Create word documents on the iPad with Pages.  Do word processing on the iPad and then save them into Dropbox.

Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard.  Create tutorials and animated lessons and then save and share them.

Upload documents, pictures, etc into VoiceThread and then type, talk, or draw right on the screen.  The app records it all and saves it as a new presentation that can be commented on by others.

Create books and then read them in iBooks, share them, or even submit them to the iBookstore with Book Creator.

ShowMe is another way to turn your iPad into an interactive & recordable whiteboard.

DoodleBuddy is another way to use your iPad as a whiteboard but this is one kids might enjoy more.  Comes with images that can be stamped onto the page and then draw and record.

TouchCast is a way for the older kids to get more creative and involved in their video productions.  Allows them to grab content off the internet to add into their videos.

Videolicious is a great app to help you and students make movies.  You can combine photos, videos, music, and stories.

Futaba comes with pre-made games that up to 4 students can play at a time on the same iPad.  You can also create your own games to have them practice specific content.

What do you like to have your students create using the iPad?

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