Tuesday, June 10, 2014

App Task Challenges for K-5 Math

App Task Challenges were developed by Craig Badura.  I saw his App Task Challenges on his website and decided to make some for the iPad trainings I do with K-5 Math Teachers.  Normally, I distribute these challenges to the participants via the Showbie app (post coming soon about the awesomeness of that new app), but often there are participants there without their iPad.  So, here are the App Task Challenges to help you lean how to manuever through these apps: Educreations, Evernote, Note Anytime, Showbie, Qrafter, and App Smashing with Pick-A-Path, Educreations, and Skitch.

Download them all right HERE!! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Video of iPad Tips Created Using Airserver

So, awhile back I posted my list of 20 + 1 Tips and Tricks document for when you are using the iPad or iPhone and I promised a video of me showing how to do each.  I finally figured it out!  I use the AirServer app to mirror my iPad onto my computer so that I can present wirelessly with my iPad.  The AirServer app also lets you record what is being mirrored as well as record audio.  Here is the finished product!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

20 + 1 Tips and Tricks for iPad & iPhone

Well, today I got to present to a wonderful crowd of teachers in sunny Cupertino, CA (way nicer than snowy Idaho!).  Before I came to California I decided to put together a list of tips/tricks for the iPad or iPhone.  These are all things that when I first got my iPad I didn't know how to do.  I learned through trial & error, Googling, my kids, and seeing other people's tips out on the web.  So here is my list of 20 +1 Tips (hey, I am a math teacher).  Because I am more of a visual person, I will be putting together a video showing you how to do all of these (after I Google it and find out how) :).  Hope you enjoy and find these useful!!  My personal favorite is the ability to lock kiddos in one app (see #12), which is your favorite?


***All of these are based off using an iPad2 with IOS7.