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Top 10 Websites

10. (formerly
SaveMedia allows you to download any YouTube video into a file you can place on your computer or jump drive.   This allows you to show any YouTube video without being on the internet and without all the “suggested” videos that pop up while on the YouTube site.

This site is put together by the Howard County school district.  The link above takes you to the documents for Grade 2, to access the sites for other grades just replace the grade level number with the grade level you want.

8. and
These two sites are where you can go to get information about the new assessments for the Common Core.  Each state who is involved in common core assessments is part of one of these groups.  Check the websites to see which one your state is a member of.

Every day the author of this site posts a new math problem.  All the problems are in a context and she has different levels, for Wee Ones, Little Ones, and Big Ones.  The problems are NOT to be done sitting at a table with paper and pencil.  They are designed for parents to discuss with their children at bedtime, which encourages mental math strategies.  This site is great for parents and as a teacher you can use these tasks as “homework,” but I would make sure to send home directions on how to use these tasks and how NOT to use these tasks.  The author has a great description on her website about this under “How to Do Bedtime Math.”

Georgia’s Department of Education created Common Core Unit Frameworks.  These are free to download and come with a Curriculum Map.  Each framework is built by six or seven units that help you teach all the CCSS for Mathematics.

5. and
DreamBox is one of my favorites.  Even though it is a subscription-based site, they do have Teacher Tools that you can use for free.  I would encourage you to investigate this sites full program, though.  They use what they call “intelligent adaptive technology” to individualize each child’s learning path.  All of their tasks throughout are based on the progressions that children go through while learning important math concepts.

Conceptua Math is an online program for teaching fractions to elementary and middle school students.  Full of great visual representations, but this program isn’t one you can just let the kids go do on their own.  The program prides itself on “Keeping the Teacher in the Equation.”

This is the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, a website that has compiled virtual manipulatives for grades PreK-12th.  Organized by grade band and by content.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is a great site for resources but I also encourage you to become a member.  Every month you receive a wonderful journal full of research and teaching ideas.

Teachers Pay Teachers (a.k.a TpT) is a site that teachers upload lessons, assessments, and other documents they have created.  Some of the documents are free and others are for a cost.  You can find me at TPT here:

My favorite site out there for K-5 Math.  This site is full of amazing resources for elementary math teachers.  From assessments to activities to math read-alouds.

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