Curation Apps

Curating used to be done by museum and library personnel.  Now it is at the tip of everyone’s fingers with the iPad.  The iPad gives us the ability to collect, organize, and annotate materials simply.  With the amount of information that is available to us now, curation apps allow us to organize and save things so that we do not have to remember it all.  Here are my Top 10 Curation Apps:

Evernote is a way to organize and keep track of anything and everything.  From simple To-Do lists to documenting student progress, this app can help you do it all.

Create a mind map using Mindomo.  Mind maps help kids organize new information.  They can connect websites and images to their map as well.

Pinterest helps you ‘pin’ ideas and items you like from the internet.  Create boards for each subject area and find great people to follow to get even more ideas.

Penultimate is a virtual notebook.  Use it to keep track of your own notes or have the students keep a notebook for each of their subjects.

Mark up a PDF, take screen shots, annotate photos, or draw a new image using Skitch.  You can save them to your camera roll or import them to Evernote.

Stitch together multiple photos with Pic Stitch.  Fun way to put together a compilation of student work.

Splice is an easy to use movie maker.  Compile videos or photos of student work as an addition to their portfolio.

Three Ring allows you to capture and organize evidence of student learning.  Then share it with students and parents.

Create a portfolio of student’s work with Easy Portfolio,  Include videos, audio, photos, notes and even documents to their portfolios.

Books App2 allows you to scan the barcode of all your books and then organize them inside the app.

What are your favorite Curation apps?

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