3rd-5th Math Apps

My Top 10 Math Apps for 3rd - 5th Grade

#10 Apps by Learning Games Lab - Lobster Diver and Pearl Diver help students understand a number’s placement on a number line (fractions and negatives included).  Math Snacks is full of fun videos to engage your students with the math content. Ratio Rumble is a fun game to get students to interact with ratios.

Lobster Diver FREE

Math Snacks FREE

Pearl Diver FREE

Ratio Rumble $1.99

#9 Fraction Wall - Great app for building fraction walls virtually.  Has a teacher tool, individual activities, and a game focuses on equivalent fractions and adding fractions. $1.99

#8 Hands-on Equations - Students learn about equations by watching the videos and then doing practice problems within the app.  I like Hands-on Equations’ way of making equations visual for students. FREE, but with paid upgrades

#7 MathTappers Apps - MathTappers apps were designed by math educators and researchers.  They all include visual models to help students make sense of the mathematical concepts.  I love the “advice” tab in the information section.  It includes advice on how to teach the concepts in the classroom, plus all of these are FREE.

Clock Master
Number Line
Estimate Fractions

#6 Coop Fractions - A fun way to work on estimating with fractions.  When you are shown a problem you have to move the chicken’s nest near where the answer to the problem lies on a number line.  If you don’t get their nest in the right area the eggs will break. FREE

#5 Candy Factory - Candy Factory helps kids develop two essential fraction ideas, partitioning and iterating, through the theme of working in a candy factory.  FREE

#4 Motion Math Apps - All the apps developed by Motion Math have been wonderful.  These are three that are geared more towards 3-5th grade (however Zoom is also for K-2).  These apps also have paid upgrades if you want the full versions.

Fractions $3.99

Wings FREE


#3 Tiny Fractions - The best app I’ve found to help develop fraction understanding.  I love the visuals this app provides for the students AND that it is adaptive.  If you are getting problems right they make the task a little harder. $1.99

#2 Visual Multiplication Table - I love all the things you can do within this app.  This is a great introduction to multiplication for students. $3.99

#1 Apps by Justin Hollady - My favorite app for practicing fraction ideas once concepts have been developed in the students.  This app incorporates critical thinking and problem solving skills along with practicing the fraction concepts they have learned.

4 dice Fraction Game $1.99

Ordered Fractions $1.99

Other Noteworthy 3rd - 5th Grade Apps:

Equivalent Fractions - Create equivalent fractions by dividing squares or circles.  You also can match each fraction to its location on a number line. Designed by NCTM.  FREE

Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions  - Players try to match cards with equivalent fractions in a “solitaire-like” game.  The fractions are limited to denominators of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12. $1.99

Fraction Factory - This app is all about placing fractions on a number line.  Love the idea, just wish you could set parameters for which fractions are shown. FREE

Multiflow - An easy app to practice multiplication facts.  Keeps track of progress and shows your fastest and slowest facts.  $1.99

Pick-A-Path - This app is a great way for students to practice their math skills all the while needing some critical thinking skills.  Designed by NCTM. FREE

Slice It! - Slice It! is a fun way to help your students build proportional reasoning  visually that will help them as they move into understanding fractional parts of a whole. $0.99

Squeebles Fractions - This app has 4 different games to help kids practice skills around fractions.  My only complaint is that they use a round cake as their visual; circles are the hardest visual to use for fractions. $1.99

Sushi Monster - Fun game for practicing math facts.  Players must select numbered sushi pieces that will together make the target number. FREE

Timed Test Arcade - This app comes with the ability to practice all the operations, but I particularly like it for multiplication.  You can select which multiples you want to work on.  Ability to have multiple accounts within the app so you can track multiple students. $1.99

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